Till now you have read that Ira, a seventeen year old teenager, gets kidnapped from a few kilometers away from her house. Ira had saved many people from a massive bomb attack. Zara, an investigation officer is here to inquire about the abduction. Will she able to save Ira before it’s too late.

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Zara reached Ira’s house. A small, yet beautiful house situated at the corner end of a residential road. Her other team members and police were already inside.

A lady, about forty, was seated on the sofa in the living room. She seemed restless. Her eyes were teary and her hands were clutched together tightly. Zara understood she must be Ira’s mother. She was staring at the ground and her eyes flickered on the telephone every second. When Zara came in front of her, she stood up.

“Mrs. Morgan?” Zara asked. The lady nodded in response. She was numb to speak. She was trying hard to control her tears. Zara felt very sympathetic for this lady.

“I am so sorry. But she’ll be alright…” Zara said in a comforting tone.

“I don’t know…I …I don’t understand why this…why this is happening…” that was it. Morgan burst into tears. “It’s okay…” Zara hugged her tightly. She wasn’t a mother herself but she could understand the pain. She could understand how much afraid Morgan would be, knowing that probably her daughter has been targeted by some terrorist group. After few minutes, Morgan calmed herself down. Zara made her sit on the sofa.

“Tell me everything. In order to reach her, we need to know. You can trust me.” Zara said.

“My princess…my only child…she’s in danger.” Morgan mumbled.

“The police have spread its forces everywhere. Airports, stations, hotels, inns, everywhere. Ira would be found soon. Don’t worry. But I need to know the details, her activity in recent days, so that I can draw conclusions and understand that how come she got targeted in spite of so much privacy.” Zara said.

Morgan nodded and took a deep breath.

“I woke up around 6:35 this morning. I went to her room to see if she’s alright. Before I could get in, there was a note pasted on the gate…” Morgan handed Zara a sticky note.

‘Gone for a brisk walk. Please don’t freak. Morning, love you.’

Morgan continued, “I came down and made coffee, thinking she will return any moment. Minutes kept passing, but she didn’t come. I got very restless. I was going back and forth in the house…waiting…but she…didn’t come back…” Morgan’s eyes were getting wet again. Her hands started shivering.

Zara placed her hands over hers and pressed them gently.

Morgan sniffed back her tears and continued,

“I left my house. I searched for her everywhere, park, on roads, checked with the neighbors, but my poor Ira…she was nowhere. When it was almost 7:30 and I had no trace of her, I called the police.”

“She didn’t take her phone to the walk I think…?” Zara inquired.

“No…it is in my room.”

“Your room? Why?”

“Last night, I had asked Ira to sleep with me. She was in my room. But she was restless and I felt she was uncomfortable. Probably she felt good in her bed only so I asked her to sleep in her own room, thinking she’ll be at peace. While going, she forgot her phone. When I woke up this morning, I saw it on the table near my bed.”

“Hmm…was this normal? Going for a walk?” Zara asked

“Ma’am.” The conversation between Zara and Morgan was interrupted by a lady constable. “The CCTV recordings of this and surrounding areas has been extracted. You need to see it.”

“Certainly…bring it here.” The constable nodded and went.

“Mrs. Morgan…I need to ask many more questions. This is a serious situation. I don’t think it’s a normal abduction. Do you suspect anyone?” Zara asked.

“No…no one…I too feel it’s all related to the…Central Park…”

“Undoubtedly.” Zara paused for a second. “Peter.” A young officer arrived on the scene. “Peter, until the investigation goes on, Mrs. Morgan will have to live in the headquarters, it’s necessary for her safety. Do the preparations.”

“But…my Ira…I don’t want to leave my house…” Morgan said in a pleading tone.

“Mrs. Morgan, I understand…but safety is no joke. We all thought that Ira is safe, her identity is unknown, but she’s kidnapped, in broad daylight. We can’t leave you alone here. And I need to investigate this house too, so I want it to be left undisturbed. Also, I think many people around you know by now that Ira is kidnapped, they’ll take no time to analyze the reason behind it. You still living here is not a good idea.”

Morgan didn’t say anything. She took a deep breath and nodded.

“Just promise me one thing…you’ll bring my Ira back. I’ll do as you say…just bring her back.”


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