Something – Chapter 13: A worthy officer


Till now you have read that Zara comes to know that the previous librarian, from whom Ira used to issue her books, was a mysterious woman. What conclusions will Zara derive from her suspects and how will she prove them?

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“Maria Jolkins. No facebook profile, no news, nothing. Funny.”
Zara said as she searched for the woman Maria on her laptop.
“It’s like she disappeared after leaving the library.” She continued.

“Even more funny that she left a resignation, that too on Friday evening, the day the bomb attack was prevented in the Central Park.” Said Siddharth. He was sitting beside Zara and trying to decode the details of Ira’s tiny cell phone.

Zara stopped her work. She seemed to be lost in thought. After few minutes she said, “Sid? Why do I think that Ira didn’t find the bag in the garbage bin?”

“What do you mean? She clearly found it and informed the guards.”

“No…am saying…what if she already knew that the bag was there…” Zara said.

Siddharth went thoughtful.

“That would suggest to a lot more things Zara…” He said .

“I know Sid… but the message on the trigonometry book, ‘Central Park 4 pm’, and the mysterious connections with the librarian… disappearance of Maria…they all suggest to it.”

“You know what Zara…it would imply that  Ira was associated with terrible people and all this was their plan, on which maybe, Ira gave up at the last moment…”

“I don’t know…this sounds crazy…but it explains her kidnapping too…maybe she was kidnapped cuz she didn’t do the task she was assigned…”

“Who would have given her the bomb Zara? Do you think it’s all possible in the broad daylight? And…the the blast of Morgan’s flight? That sure is not done by Ira?”

“Sid…we have one character…Ira…and so we think the story is limited. But we really don’t know how big the plot is unless all the characters are revealed.”

Siddharth nodded in agreement.

Zara took her phone and called Tara, her colleague from the department.
“Tara. I want all the information about Major Joe Radcliffe, everything which you could find out, from his family to work to his plane crash. Once done, call me. I’ll come to the department to collect the information.”


Next day, Zara reached her office. Tara was ready with all the details and had it in a folder.

“Excellent Tara.” Zara said while picking up the folder, I’ll go through it once am at home.

“As you wish. Zara, Mr Shankar wants you in his cabin.” Tara informed her.

Zara entered Mr Shankar’s cabin. He was sitting on his chair, deep in thought.
Agatha Mathews, her co-worker was sitting on a chair in front of him. When Zara went in, she turned and smirked towards Zara. Zara ignored her presence and acknowledged Mr Shankar.

“Sir? You called me?”

“Indeed Zara. I hope your health is better now and that you rested well on your leave…”

“I am fine Sir.”

“Glad to hear that. Zara, you are a brilliant officer and we really appreciate your presence and work towards the cases you have solved till now. Ira’s case was given to you because I assured our higher authorities and the Government itself that you are capable of doing it. But…as you can see…we haven’t found a single lead in this case…and things are getting terrible with time. We have lost Ira, her mother and a lot many citizens too in the plane crash…”

Zara took a deep breath. She knew what was coming next.

“I think you have served our department without any break, with full zeal…and lack of proper vacation has disturbed you. I request you too go on a long paid holiday, and return back energetic. Till then, Agatha Mathews and her team will take the case.”

Agatha gave a big fake smile towards Mr Shankar and looked towards Zara. She was anticipating resistance and denial from her but Zara was sitting calmly beside her.
Zara too turned to her, “Congratulations Agatha. This is the time to prove yourself worthy enough so that one day, the department gives you too a long paid vacation.”
Agatha’s smile disappeared.
“Thank you Mr Shankar, do tell me when my holidays are over and yes…also about how much progress has been made in the case.”
Leaving the two startled behind her, Zara came out of the office.

She called Siddharth, who was sitting in a nearby cafe, waiting for her.
Zara stood there, holding the folder tightly in her hands. Siddharth will be here with his car, any minute now.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a loud bang sound of gun shot came.

Zara was lying on the pavement, unconscious and bleeding. She was hit on the head by a bullet.

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  1. I give a big salute to your mind and imagination. The way you think is just unpredictable and your writtimg skills are fabulous. The way you write makes words on paper a living bieng. Keep it up ????.

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