Something – Chapter 12 : the mysterious librarian

Till now you have read that Zara finds a shocking clue under strange circumstances from Ira’s trigonometry book. What does that mean? What will she do now?

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Siddharth brought some dinner for Zara in her room.
“Zara? You don’t look fine?”

Zara showed him what she had just found.

“This is strange…I mean…this can’t be a coincidence…” Siddharth said while pondering over the book.

Zara took the book again. She flipped back the pages.

“The book was last issued three days before the bomb was diffused in the central park…” Zara said .

She then observed the words which were highlighted and crossed. Zara wasn’t able to understand most of the crossed words but she was sure that the book was a source of communication. Someone was highlighting orders and may be, it was just a wild guess, the highlighted orders were crossed once they were successfully carried out.

“I can understand this only when I get to meet the previous librarian…I need to know who the person was…” Zara said.

“But you already tried contacting…” Siddharth said.

“I know…and there was an Iraqi man answering my call…I think I need to continue the search…” Zara said looking in Siddharth’s eyes.

Siddharth knew Zara won’t stop now.

“Okay…and I’ll accompany you.” Siddharth said.

“No Siddharth…this could be very dangerous…and…”

“Zara…you are not working with the department right now… and in their absence… I am your team. If it’s dangerous for me…then its dangerous for you too. Its better to face it together rather than sitting away from you and thinking whether you are alright or not. You may be an intelligence officer…you may work with cops…but for me…you are my Zara…and I’ll be with my Zara come what may. That’s the end of the conversation.”

Zara was in awe. In love with Siddharth’s concern and strong will. All she could do is smile and nod in agreement.

Siddharth and Zara were in the library again. They walked up to the reception and Zara showed her badge. The librarian stood up in acknowledgement.

“I really need to know about the previous librarian. I know you gave me a contact number but it didn’t prove to be much useful. Anything else? Like the address…or any other details?”

“I am so sorry Ma’am but when I joined…the librarian had already left the job and unfortunately… except for the contact number present on the register…I have no information…” The new librarian said with an apologetic tone.

Meanwhile Siddharth, who was standing beside Zara, noticed that a worker, who was dusting the books in a nearby shelf, had stopped working on the mention of the previous librarian and was closely listening.

“Is there anyone else…whom I could contact?” Zara asked.

“I am afraid not…our higher authorities had her contact number only…I heard she was a very private person…”

“She was a lady…isn’t it…what was her name?” Zara asked.

“Maria Jolkins” the librarian replied.

Zara nodded. “Thank you so much…do inform me if you get any information…” Zara said as she gave her card to the librarian.

“Sure…” The librarian said with a smile.

Zara and Siddharth started walking towards the exit.

“Sir… Ma’am?” A hushed tone stopped them.

Zara and Siddharth turned back to find the worker offering them glass of water. He looked back at the librarian who had gotten busy with her work.

“I don’t know much about Maria Ma’am…she indeed was a private person. But she interacted with only one person…”

“With whom?” Zara asked while taking the glass from him.

“Miss Ira…I have been working here for six months…she rarely gave me orders…she kept to herself…if she got a call…which was rare…she used to speak in hushed tone…but she interacted a lot with Miss Ira…”

“What kind of talks..?” Siddharth asked.

“I don’t know…they spoke mysteriously to each other…and Miss Ira…she will always issue a trigonometry book every Monday and returned it to the librarian every Friday.”

“Why so?” Zara asked.

“Am afraid I don’t know…” The worker said while taking the glasses from them ” the last thing I know is…Maria Ma’am will always highlight something in the book…and the book was with her always…when Miss Ira used to return it…she never gave it to me to keep it back in the shelf nor to anyone else…”

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  1. This novel’s story is taking a very mysterious turns and my mind is blown with the story line. This story is just fabulous.

  2. Something looks like everything amidst these mysteries and suspense and it just leaves me pondering what will happen next…in awe with your writing skills.

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