Something – Chapter 14: A few millimeters from death

Till now you have read that Zara is asked from her department to handover her case to other colleague. When she is coming out from her office, she is shot down. Is she in danger?

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Siddharth was pacing in the corridor of the hospital. His clothes were stained due to Zara’s blood and so was his hands. But he didn’t care about that. He was in the biggest shock of his life. For once…maybe for the smallest fraction of time…he felt he lost her…lost his Zara. Zara…who completed him…who was his everything…seemed to slip from his hands.

It was when he had just arrived in front of Zara’s office in his car and a few seconds ago, Zara had been shot down. The sound of the gun had left him deaf and he saw nothing but darkness. For a moment he froze, he was scared. Then his senses came back and he leapt to her.
He was shouting while he held Zara firmly in his arms. The gatekeepers of Zara’s office called the ambulance while other people stood around the commotion. By the time more people poured in, the ambulance arrived and Zara was taken.
The bullet had penetrated the head of Zara, but luckily, it had missed the skull from few millimeters. Had the bullet made it to the skull or brain, Zara could have died. Thinking about the possibility, Siddharth shivered.

“Mr Siddharth.”
The doctors came out of the operation theatre. Siddharth ran up to them.

“We have removed the bullet and sealed the wound. She is out of danger now. But she needs really good care as she may feel dizzy and her head might ache. She needs to take things easily if she wants to recover fast.”

“Yes Doctor… I’ll take very good care… she’ll be fine ?”

“Yes… she’ll be. Do you want her to take her home once she gains consciousness?”

“Yes Doctor, if it’s alright… she’ll be happy in the familiar cozy environment of her home.”

The Doctor agreed as Zara was completely out of danger. Siddharth completed the necessary formalities and waited beside her to gain her consciousness. He was patting her head fondly when a nurse came in.

“Sir, you have a visitor.”

Mr Shankar walked in.
Siddharth stood up.

Shankar looked at Zara and sighed. “I don’t believe this…” He murmured.
“Even I don’t.” Siddharth’s voice was sad but firm.

“I don’t know how can such a thing can happen..” Shankar sighed.
Siddharth kept quite.

“Mr Siddharth…the news has spread to the media as Zara was shot in the broad daylight. People are getting frightened and really scared now. They are predicting the reasons behind and they believe that terrorists have done it.”

“I fear it’s true.” Siddharth said.

“We don’t want people to live a nightmare Siddharth. Can you please come out of the hospital and face the media…and tell them that there is no need to be afraid.. and that it was an accident.”

Siddharth felt like yelling but he controlled himself.

“It is indeed a nightmare. People out there are smart enough to know that gunshots are not an accident. They need not to he afraid, but they need to be alert. You never know, who the real danger is.”

Shankar was left with no reply. He left the ward.

Siddharth didn’t wait for Zara to gain consciousness. With a nurse, he left the hospital from the back gates of the building and took Zara home.

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