Something: Chapter – 15: Who is the danger?

Till now you have read that Zara is alive and out of danger. However, it will take time for her to recover quickly. Will Zara be able to continue her investigation?

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It had been two days since Zara had arrived home. She was recovering. Siddharth never left her side. With the help of the nurse, he was there to aid Zara .

That afternoon, she was drinking soup when Siddharth asked, “Zara…the file?which had the information about Ira’s father?”

The file with which I came outside is certainly no more…that was the main thing for which I was shot… those people… involved in all this, don’t want me to know the truth…to dig out facts…but they don’t realize that their motives were known to me too.”

“What do you mean?” Siddharth was perplexed.

“I wanted to collect the information regarding Ira’s father on my own…I had the intuition that someone from the department may come to know what I an asking for… and I have high suspicions that someone from the department is associated with a harmful group…I didn’t wanted to risk anyone’s life who brought the information to me… because I knew…once the person who brings me the information is outside the office building…he or she would be targeted.”

Zara paused and took a deep breath.

That day, I did came out with a file…but that was a hoax. The information which I needed is actually in a micro chip and that’s safe…placed inside my wrist watch…”
Zara pointed towards her watch kept on the table.

Siddharth was stunned.

“Zara…you knew you would be shot?? You…you could have died!!”

Zara smiled feebly.
No… I wasn’t sure I would be shot…but I had the intuition that I may be attacked as soon as I come out of my office…I didn’t wanted you to get harmed…so I asked you to park the car a little away…so in case something happens… you’ll be there for me…and you won’t be harm too…”

Siddharth stares at his wife with mixed emotions in his eyes. He was amazed at her intellectual skills, impressed with her far sightedness and angry for taking so much risk.

Zara…I only have you…” He was able to say only this much. He started crying. Zara got concerned.
Siddharth took her hands and continued to sob,
“you know? You know how much terrified I was…when you were there in ICU…and I wasn’t sure what will happen…? Zara…could you think I can afford to lose you??”

Zara got teary eyed too. “I am sorry Sid…”

Zara…I won’t stop you from doing your duties…but then always remember…for the world…the sun rises every morning…for me, you are my sun…and I too want my sun every morning…”

Zara and Siddharth embraced each other and sobbed silently. Death had been very near and they had dodged it…but the experience had made them realize that how much they loved each other…how they can’t live without each other.

Their moment was broken by a commotion outside their house. Siddharth went up to their bedroom window and peeped outside. His jaw clenched at the site.

What is it Sid?”
Siddharth saw Mr Shankar arriving in his car and making his way up to the entrance of their house. He rang the bell and waited patiently.

“Mr Shankar.” Siddharth turned towards Zara and told her.
Zara went thoughtful for a minute and then said, “bring him up…”

Siddharth brought Shankar upstairs, avoiding the media.

Zara…how are you now.”


“Hmm…Zara, you are a sensible woman…you know what the media and the whole nation is assuming…the man that shot you has been caught…and he wasn’t a man, a boy, a teenager of 17 years old…he was trying to terrorise people with a gun…he was a local ruffian. But people think it was the terrorist, the people involved with Ira’s death and the plane crash…i think you should clear the doubts…take a stand in front of the media… else the government won’t spare us…that we couldn’t stop these terror attacks…”

Siddharth tried to speak up but Zara signalled him not to.

I will face the media…right now.”

Shankar was waiting outside the house. He already given his speech. terrorist involved…yes she’s safe…he was a local ruffian…yes Zara is safe…no I said no terrorist.” This were his replies to some of the media men.

Siddharth brought Zara by holding her steadily. As soon as she arrived media men focused on her.

Mrs Zara…how are you now?” A camera man asked.
“Better.” Zara smiled and replied.
“Mrs Zara, is it true that a 17 year old shot you?”
“That’s what the police investigation says…”
“What do you think Ma’am? Do you think the terrorists are now targeting you as you were the one who handled Ira’s case?”

Zara gave Shankar a second’s look.

The 17 year old local ruffian waited for only me to come out of my office so that he could shoot… despite the fact that there were many people walking on the street. Shooting an investigation officer is risky…still he took the risk. I just want to say…be alert…the danger can be 17 year old flashing guns, or it can be bombs in airplanes. There is no big difference.”

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  1. Another great chapter from you and I like how you have presented the main protagonist with such demeanour and strength. Great work.

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