Something – Chapter 16: Where are Zara and Siddharth

Till now you have read that Zara declares in front of the media that the country is not safe, much to the disappointment of Mr Shankar. What will happen next?

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Two days later…

The London Times:
Zara Khan Solanki, the investigation officer who was appointed for Ira’s missing case, herself goes missing days after she was shot in front of her office.
Zara, who had survived the attack, had briefed in front of the media that the country is not safe and the country men need to be alert. The seventeen year old, who was arrested for shooting Zara gave no useful information regarding the attack. The police informed our sources that the boy was completely clueless about the identity of the man who had asked him to shoot Zara in exchange of money.

Zara herself is missing now along with her husband. The house owner, who had given his bungalow on rent to the Solanki couple got the house keys back via post. He has no clue where the couple went as he was not informed anything about the matter. Their personal phones are not reachable now.
The matter has gone to the police and department now. Let’s see if they are able to establish contact with them.

Shankar re-read the news for about hundredth time now. The news of Zara gone missing along with her photograph was there on the front page of every news paper. It was a difficult job to elope…with department and police always keeping an eye on them for security purposes. Zara was asked to take a break… but that didn’t mean she’ll disappear without informing.

There was a soft knock on his cabin.

“Come in.” Shankar said.

An officer working in the department entered.

“Sir, Zara’s and Siddharth’s phones are found in the house itself. They were locked in kitchen cupboards.”

“Interesting…” Shankar had expected this, knowing how intelligent and sharp Zara was.

“Nothing in the house that could indicate where they went…with whom they went. No sign of struggle too…so chances of kidnapping are fairly low. The CCTV cameras outside their house don’t reveal anything… they were not working properly but still they are not seen walking out of the house…and their  home had no back doors.”

Shankar was listening to everything very carefully. He knew he won’t be able to track his best officer so easily.

“Ask the police team to check all the CCTV footages of airports, stations, malls… every place possible.”

The officer agreed and left.

Shankar was not ready to lose hope.

The sun was shining brightly over the town of Kut, Iraq. Men and women were busy with the daily chores.
Men were bathing and feeding flocks of sheep, children playing with stones, women in hijaab hurrying on the streets. By the look of it, nobody could guess the presence of ISC, the biggest terrorist association ruling over majority of the country. It was only when you closely observe them…you could see the fear…the inferiority in their eyes. They were afraid…as if someone was watching them. They spoke in hushed voices as if they could be overheard.

A woman and a man walked up to the entrance of grocery store. The man was bearded and wore a long robe with a turban. The women was covered in a hijaab.

“Asalaamu alaikum” (hello) The man said to the shop owner, who was an old man in his sixtys.

The shop owner looked up and carefully observed the duo.

“wa alaikum salaam” He responded in a low voice.

The woman came forward. After making sure no was hearing them, she said…”Star…”

A sense of recognition ran in the eyes of the shop owner.
He too responded carefully “3333…”

Zara and Siddharth smiled at the old man.

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