Be positive, be alert, we will get through this ?

My Dear readers, time is really hard upon us. It’s the biggest test of humanity ever, testing your patience, your alertness, your will power and your positive thinking.

When the whole world is suffering from the deadly COVID-19, when there are deaths and cases around and when biggest nations are locking down, let’s pledge one thing to ourselves.
Let’s pledge that we will not leave our houses, come what may, in order to protect us and our entire nation from this deadly virus. Stay at home, follow the essential steps of maintaining person hygiene and let’s break the chain of transmission.

By now, all of us know that the only solution to be safe from this ailment is social distancing. It’s nothing much, we just need to confine ourselves to the comfort of our homes until the cases become less frequent. Feel grateful that you have a comfortable house to stay and protect yourselves. There are many homeless people who are out in danger, because they don’t have a roof on their head. Think about the doctors, nurses, paramedical, police and other workers who are fighting day and night on the battle ground to keep us safe. Let’s help them by keeping indoors. Trust me readers, this small step can save millions of lives.

Most importantly, don’t panic, be alert and be positive. Because positivity is something which is as much required as anything else on this date. Pray to all mighty for speedy recovery of those infected and to lift the whole world from this deadly misery. Everything will be fine, let’s trust the process.

From today, I’ll be daily posting quotes and poems on Garainbrain so that you have a constant source of positive vibes in your life. Read them, understand them, share and stay safe.

Wish you all a happy reading.

P.S: For all the latest news, preventive measures, statistics etc. about the corona virus , I am providing with the link of official website of WHO and Government Of India. Stay updated and keep sharing vital information.

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