Oh life! ?

Larger than you imagine and fragile as a crystal ball,

Whispering between the petals, it can be a bug so small.

Invisible, nor can be felt, yet it is so precious,

You can’t taste it’s nectar, but life is very delicious.

However large you are, or however tiny the being,

Life can be felt as long as you can feel your breathing.

No one’s gifted a beautiful life, for no one it’s easy to live.

A small ant can be happy with the grains, because it’s enough the ant believes.

But we large mighty humans may not find our life worthy,

What life is? For humans the definition might get blurry.

Life is phenomenal, life is unpredictable.

Life is a journey, a journey not very stable.

It’s equal for all, it hits everyone with the same blow,

You can never become it’s master, it’s a river with its own flow.

It’s a law, treating everyone the same,

And those who played with it, it drove them insane.

Then what’s the key? How to live the life one wants?

Then know the core of life, that’s the blessing it grants.

Do your karma and envelope satisfaction,

Give the best, but don’t be in anticipation.

Life is sweet, when you savour its every moment,

When you fall for greed or power, life drives you to atonement.

Learn the beautiful art of living life, make this nature your teacher,

Learn to be satisfied with what life gives, and work hard always like a learner.

8 Replies to “Oh life! ?”

  1. Amazing piece.Brilliant combination of words.your writing is Beautiful.
    i am so proud of you little Angel.
    Keep it up??

  2. Very true, life is so beautifull! Life without satisfaction is incomplete. Reading your poem is a precious feeling. Please write more often.

  3. True. You have explained the fact that the key to life is satisfaction is truly applausable. You’re simple words with the deepest words brings a smile to the readers face. Keep it up.

  4. Around 13.8 billion years ago, our life and destiny were decided in the minute time of the expansion of our universe. We were created by the blessing of the driving force, which some people God. Our happiness, sadness, sorrow, love, belief, hate was decided by the driving force in the first two or three minutes of the birth of this Universe. So, where are we now? Are we still the same as we were 13.8 billion years ago? The answer is different for each and every Homo Sapien created from the same stardust. We were created in a way that we live between two lives, one that is outside us and the other which is inside. The quest and quarrel of finding the balance between these two lives attached to us is indeed the ‘Life’ itself. Why we were created? Who knows? Maybe we are just like pieces of chess and some Grandmaster is handling us from above. But, we the Homo Sapiens have a duty to fulfill. To always moving in a direction to find equilibrium between the two lives. It’s our duty to be Man of Action. We’re here to write the future, not to mourn the past. But, why should we be doing anything, if we are handled by someone else? The reason is that we weren’t created by our own will and we won’t be destroyed by our own will, but the only thing we choose is our ‘purpose’ in our life. The Life in its truest form appears when we seek our purpose of living it. Life can be thought of something between “Zindagi se badi saza hi nhi, zurm kya hai pata hi nhi” to “Hazaaron mushkilein raahon mein aur koshishein behisaab, isse zindagi samjho ya tum samjho khwaab”. Tanya, that was a brilliant piece of work. I don’t write much but this poetry made me write all this, so you can think about how good your piece is. Looking forward to more of it. Brilliant. Cheers!

    1. Being a writer, my instinct is to create thoughts, not only in me but also in the mind of those who can think, process and act. Motivation is the only fuel which drives us…i get ideas and motivation and try to spread it through my words. It gives one an immense sense of satisfaction when people accept those ideas and get motivated to explain them even more beautifully, like you did. Your words assured me…that I am able to perform the responsibility of an artist to some extent. Thank you…will always to try to write and inspire.

  5. Life has no literal meaning. From where it started till where it will go, no one knows. However, we can do good deeds and try to be as humble as possible. And that’s only when we are satisfied. Well written. Cheers to you!

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