Something : Chapter 18 – Time to do something

Till now you have read that Zara and Siddharth have arrived in Iraq in order to unsolve the mysteries revolving around death of Captain Radcliffe and Ira’s disappearance. How will Nawaaz Alam be able to help them? Keep reading to find out

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Zara and Siddharth were listening to Nawaaz carefully. He was one of the soilder who had survived the attack of terrorists on British army, fifteen years ago. Ira’s father had died in the attack.
Zara had come to know all this through the file of Captain Joe Radcliffe.

Before leaving their previous life in England, Zara and Siddharth had went through the files several times and did their research without letting anyone know about it.
It was important to leave the identity of Zara and Siddharth because the department, police, government, media, all were after their backs and it was difficult to work amidst so much interference and danger.

Zara was thankful for Siddharth, who had left behind his job to be with his wife and help her unwind the mystery of this case, and save the world from an upcoming danger.

“So…how do you do it? How have you helping people here and also working with the ISC?” asked Zara.

“It’s…it’s difficult…life threatening. ISC is a group of terrible people. Their actions…their sins…they are enough for a normal man to go insane. They love to kill, they know no emotion. Demons they are…” Nawaaz said while staring outside the window, watching the sun set slowly.

Their men, like suppose me, live amongst common people, in areas where they are not able to get control properly…or…have been wiped out …”

“This place was once their main ground… But things changed for them too…I proved my loyalty to them. I showed that I support their ideology and practices and I promised that I’ll bring more such men to them. So I got the job I demanded, human trafficking.”
Nawaaz took a deep breath.

“I was free… To deal with people…i secretly helped stuck Britishers flee from this place. But it was always dangerous and difficult.”
“In order to help people, I need to hide my identity and for that , I too accompany them in their devastating missions.”

“Whatever you are doing for mankind… That’s heroic. That needs a lot of courage…” Siddharth said.

“But whatever you both have done, and now whatever you both are planning to do, could be even more dangerous. It took years to me to establish my ground here, but you both have left behind your life to unsolve the mystery in just two months?” Nawaaz expressed his concern.

“Because we can’t wait for long. I think this conspiracy has been planned for about a long time now…from about fifteen years when Captain Radcliffe died.Now, its time to do something.” Zara explained.

“So? What do you both intend to do now? How can I help you?” Nawaaz asked.

Zara and Siddharth looked at each other and answered, “By getting us to ISC. You just told us you do human trafficking for them.”

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