Something : Chapter 19 – Scared

Till now you have read that Zara and Siddharth join hands with Nawaaz to get into ISC and solve the mystery of Ira and the cryptic events related to her. Will they be able to succeed? Keep reading to find out.

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Today, the sun was shining differently over Iraq. It was as if it was in between a war with the clouds that were trying to hide it’s shine. In response to it, the sun shone even more brightly. Zara was observing this as she walked behind Nawaaz. It was like moving towards one’s end. Knowing the fate, but still moving because Zara knew that one life didn’t matter when the entire humanity was at stake. She had followed her instincts, she had listened to her mind and now she was here in Iraq. There was no proof that Ira was here…but there was something very big hidden here that needed to be disclosed.

‘how much the cloud of lies try, the truth will shine more brightly…’ zara thought.

Nawaaz and Zara had now left the busy streets of Kut and were walking in a narrow dark alley.

“Away from the eyes of common people, Abu Miraz lives here…one of the ISC loyals.” Nawaaz whispered.
“What does he do?” Zara asked slowly.
“You’ll get to know.” Nawaaz said.

Soon they were in front of a shabby looking house, which was compressed in between the adjacent houses. The walls were broken at some places, indicating that once a heavy shooting had taken place there.
Nawaaz knocked at the door. Zara was holding her breath as she waited. She was remembering Siddharth. According to the plan they had to work separately so that no one gets suspicious over them… but when life was so uncertain…she just wanted to be with him at the moment. Fear…and Zara knew being a human, she can’t be spared from being scared.

The door creaked. A faint voice of a woman asked, “who’s there?”
“It’s me Umrao, Nawaaz. Abu’s home?”

The woman now opened the door wide enough that Zara could see her. The moment her eyes fell on her, she wished she hasn’t seen her. She must have been a pretty girl, because even after the swollen red eyes, cut lips and scar on her cheeks, she looked beautiful. However, her state was pitiful. But then, every other woman is tortured by these brats, Zara remembered

She was thin, wearing a hijaab in which only her face was visible. By the look of her, she seemed to be in her twenties.
Umrao was her name.

“He’s home…come in…who’s she?” Umrao asked when her eyes fell on Zara.

“Her name is Sahiba. Take us to Abu.”

Umrao suddenly had a baffled look on her face.
“You…you brought her here??…” Tears welled up in her eyes, “don’t you know…uh? He’ll… he’ll kill her…why do you want her to be dead?”

She suddenly stopped as she realized someone was coming down the stairs. Terror seized her. She pulled Nawaaz and Zara inside the home and fled into a room behind her which seemed like a kitchen to Zara.

It was a close space, with no windows or lighting. It was mostly dark and suffocating.

A figure appeared from the stairs. Zara couldn’t see the face properly as it was still in the dark.
“Slit her throat next time when she speaks Nawaaz.” The figure said in a hoarse voice.

“Salaam Abu.” Nawaaz said
“Salaam.” Abu Miraz replied and came in light.
Tall and sturdy and dense beard.
He had the most cruel face and most frightening eyes Zara had ever seen.

She felt something which she hadn’t felt before any mission…she felt scared.

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