My grandma told me, sleep, my child,

That’s when you’ll get dreams of lands far and wide.

My little eyes saw small cute dreams,

Wishes of a small kid, a fairy, or a truck of ice creams.

Then I grew older, and sleep was not that dear,

Now can’t I see dreams? that was a genuine fear.

I walked up to my mom, and asked her,

How to sleep so that I can see dreams again mother?

She smiled and scooped my chin, and said sleep is no need,

dreams are little saplings, water them with your deed.

I was puzzled, and walked up to dad,

Asked him if any meaning mom’s words had?

He said your mother gave you life’s lesson,

The sooner you understand, your problems will lessen.

Dreams are those which you see with open eyes,

And you work hard to fly in the skies.

Dreams tell you what you want to be,

Like little seeds that want to grow up into a tree.

Dreams make you strong, they drive you as an optimistic,

It powers your actions and makes you deterministic.

Dreams are the changes you want in your life,

Dreams are the destinations for which you strive.

And like saplings need water to grow,

Dreams ask hard work for you to show.

Dreams are in progress, when you wake up and work for them,

Dreams help you evolve into a priceless gem.

So, my dear princess, your mother is absolutely right,

We all see dreams and for it, with the world, we fight.

But there is a thing you should always remember,

Your dreams should make you polite and humble,

Greedy dreams are no less than a sin,

They make you hollow and never let you win.

Your sleeping eyes should only know how to rest,

And with each sunrise, you and your dreams should go on a quest.

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  1. Very inspiring as usual. I missed these doses of inspiration and positive energy. Very happy to see you post again as I look forward to more of them.

  2. Lovely. Heartiest Congratulations for completing three years. Hope to learn from this platform. Thank you. Cheers !!

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