To The Woman

To the woman in me, who’s in making,
To her sweet tones, that reminds grandma’s baking,
To her fierce mind, that can send people shaking,
I am proud of you, cuz I know your scars,
I know you are strong, cuz you fight multiple wars.

That fight within you, when you ache to liberate,
Then the fight with the world, I know they irritate.
That constant pull from them,
As you can’t be ahead of men,
Their taunts and comments on your body,
I know you hear them even when there’s nobody.

That moment, when you have accepted the way you are,
But then their thoughts tend to drag you far,
“Oh you know you could have been better”,
Or things like “why bother earning? My son can give you a shelter”
That constant effort you put in to get heard,
The bully you experienced, cuz “be timid”, that’s all you learned.

When you see your brothers making merry on the road,
But you have to learn to be beautiful and toned,
Cuz your imperfections are unacceptable,
Your flaws aren’t cute but despicable.

I congratulate you cuz you still went ahead,
All the trauma, like an old skin you shred,
Regardless of the color, this society wanted to paint you,
You chose your own brush and painted your life a stunning hue.
You stopped answering people what your worth is,
But you showed them what you deserve and that’s pure bliss.

You have been mindful, regardless of your job,
You have been pretty, both in braids and a Bob.
Just keep going, cuz this is just the beginning,
A woman knows how to make her life, cuz she gave birth to everything.


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