To, my younger self

To, my younger self, there’s a small update,

Amid your fears, if you spare me a minute.

I know you are scared of the dark,

Strangers, unknown roads, and yes, speeding cars.

You sometimes feel timid, weak, trying to hide in the crowd,

Keeping it to yourself, trying not to be too loud.

But I also know you have dreams,

Like a ray of sunshine in your head, at the horizon of your eyes, they do gleam.

You wonder how life would take its turn,

You want to break free from the cage of thoughts,

And on the path ahead, you want to run.

You want to feel, you want to learn, you want to grow

You want to see it all, the seas, the beautiful snow.

You want to be someone, someone who is heard

Someone who is strong, a woman of her word.

We have not done it all yet,

The best I can say, we are a work in progress,

We are still scared of many things,

But we are growing, with grace.

We now take our chances, we become our light,

We walk on the road less taken, push limits thinking we might.

We fall sometimes, that is inevitable, but we don’t stop,

We keep the courage in us strong.

It took some time, but now we befriend strange faces,

With the smile that we have, we try to win races.

The sun shines in our head, those glistening dreams,

Yes, we work for them, we don’t settle for lesser beams.

Most importantly, I’ll tell you something from my heart,

We know empathy, we know kindness from the start.

We do get angry at us sometimes, that’s part of the ride,

But we love dearly, with all that we can provide.

Our tears are not our weakness,

It is a reflection of our mind.

We have a lot of emotions,

Honestly saying, that helps us stride.

O’ younger me, there’s a lot coming,

Your wishes will come to life, like true blessings,

When they come, I’ll tell you more,

Till then, have faith, in me, and in you.

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