Every sea that I left,
Every continent that changed,
The skies that just swept,
A tiny sob, I know I wept.

But girl, what did your father say?
Girls like you drown the ocean.
What did your mother say?
Your smile isn’t just a smile,
It’s meaningful, it has an ambition.

And you know,
Your grew up with no empty head.
And you know,
The prices you paid.

So, run, fall…but run!
Look back, but only at the Sun.
See, cry…but see!
You’re the Prince of your life,
You’re the roots and you’re the tree.

Hasn’t it been hard before?
Are you just someone?
Haven’t you planned the day ahead,
Don’t you have to become the one?

Listen up, O girl!
Heads high are saluted.
So no matter how far you came,
You didn’t ask to quit the game.

Options are just one,
So, run, fall…but run,
Look back, but only at the Sun.

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