For all those ,  who love stories with mystery , action and learning .

         AN ULBANE

By Tanya Garain

She’s running away since she’s born…the irony is she isn’t even aware of it . Is she living a normal life?….or she is forced to live a life that isn’t hers..??

Can she realise who’s she or it’s too late..

Continue with this extra-ordinary journey of a girl named Diana . Unreveal the truths of her life and witness incidents which teach lessons of courage , honesty , responsibility and love.






“Hahahaha !!!!… look at her..and what do you call her ? your saviour !? ”

A giant man , as giant as you can imagine , was laughing at the centre of a massive war ground.

Many people , men , women and different creatures with wings were standing at one side , badly wounded , bleeding at several places . But the real pain was in the heart.

She was lying near the foot of the giant man who called himself Thestrol .

Covered with dust , cut and injured , eyes closed and oozing blood from her mouth . Her sword was lying in her hand but her grip was loose . Her shield was ten steps away .

“Wake up !…WAKE UP !!! “

A man of about twenty three cried .

“Wake up Diana ! You can’t loose ! “

“ Christopher..don’t disturb the poor girl “ Thestrol cunningly replied .

“…she had lost many months back…when she thought of standing against ME…

And indeed it was only few months ago…when all this began

‘ This is station New Road ‘

The passengers of the metro train heard the announcement made in the speaker . A girl of about twenty one got out of the train along with many other people. She made her way through the station gate and started walking on the busy lane .

The city was in hustle and bustle like everyday . The shops had been opened , children were on their way to schools , people were off for their workplace , street vendors were selling hotdogs and big cars were going past her .

She suddenly stopped in front of a shop named ‘ Victorian Girls ‘ . The same pink gown was there for display . With sparkly laces and glittery was the most beautiful dress a girl could aspire for.

“It’s very expensive Diana..”

“Oh! Julie!…Hi !”

Diana was surprised by the sudden appearance of her friend Julie. She worked with her in the bank .

Continue reading in my next post and get to know what will happen next ….

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  1. Wow… Can’t believe my eyes. Really awesome Tanya. A great effort and a very nice way to hone your skills and use your talent. Keep it up. Waiting for more. Would love to see this published. Can be a best seller for sure. ?

  2. Very nicely plotted…. I was able to imagine the story playing in front of my eyes…. Keep it up!!

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