Superhero ?

Superman, batman, captain America , they all are temporary ones,

I have a superhero who has powers more than billion tones.

I think something in my mind and he brings it home, such are his powers,

whenever I cry, maybe due to any reason, he brings dozens of laughter. 

when I do mistakes, he does gets angry and pretends to be sad,

but in the end it’s him who comes and says I am a pretty good lad.

on hearing the news that I am sick, I don’t know from where he gets such a speed,

in no time from office he’s back at home with all the supplements and need.

he works hard for us, may it be dark or may it be light,

he just makes sure we wake up happy and sleep satisfied at night.

he collects my dreams from everywhere, and joins them piece by piece,

for him I am like a tiny flower and he is like a shady, supportive trees .

you should not be confused that who the superhero is, you should have an answer rather,

yes of course, my superhero, my ideal, my bestest father .

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