Weekends ?

My dad said he will sleep till eight tomorrow,

my mom asked the maid to come late.

my brother has no home work, no sorrow,

it’s weekend my friend, do fun oh please don’t wait.

weekend is like monsoon in the heat,

you love it more than anything else.

you can shop, sleep, roam or eat,

you have no boss so what do to no one tells.

the sun seems friendly and you are not bored,

the morning tea tastes more special.

some go out for a trip by buses or a train they board,

the mothers cook tasty dishes, that used to be occasional.

some husbands worry cuz their wives shop like hell,

some people worry as soon as they find guests. 

some make really good lunch, by the smell you can tell,

some houses you’ll find locked, they are off to the hills for some rest.

you must be thanking God, he made Saturday and Sunday,

but don’t be much happy, very soon it will come, yes the dreadful Monday . ?

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