The Last Revenge – Chapter 5

Till now you have read that George and Fred reach California to start a new life, away from his father and all sorts of negativity. Will they be able to adjust to the new place and will things go according to their plan. Keep reading to find out.


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Next morning when George woke up, he found Fred ready.

“Wow man! You were up early…” George said while getting up.

“First day of work, don’t want to be late.” Fred said while tying his shoe laces.

“Best of luck buddy”. Fred smiled and left. George yawned and went to the bathroom.

He came out ready. After having some toast he came down the stairs on the road.

It was not a very big city like New York… but a very small town . Big cars and trucks were not frequent there. Rather people were going to their work place on foot.

George had just taken four-five steps on the road, thinking from where to start. When he heard the bell of a bicycle… he looked back.

She was there on the bicycle, coming from the other side. Her big beautiful eyes were filled with life, her beautiful face was very charming. Her golden long hairs were flying behind.

She parked her bicycle in front of a small shop. The shop was just in front of George’s rented room. She was unlocking the door when five-six school going children, dressed in school uniform came to her.

“Oho!!… my dear kids are off to school huh?… who would like to have cups cakes before that?” her voice was music to George’s ears.


“Me!…” “me…” the children shouted in one cheerful tone.

The girl giggled and opened the basket of her cycle. Then she took out six properly wrapped cup cakes and handed each child one.

The children got very happy. The smallest of them kissed the girl on her cheeks and they all went away towards their school.

The girl smiled in their direction. George had never seen such a beautiful smile.

The girl opened the gate of her shop and entered. She came out after five minutes and put a big hoarding in front of her shop, “Ven’s Bakery.”

She turned a sign on gate which said that the shop was open now.

George stood there, as though freezed. He could feel his heart beat, going out of control.

Who is the girl who made George so restless. Is George falling in love? Find out in chapter 6 next Sunday. Do share your views about today’s chapter.


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