Till now you have read that George finds a beautiful girl in his neighbourhood and wants to befriend her. Who is she? keep reading to find out…


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George didn’t knew what to do. He wanted to go in and talk to that girl, ask her name, but he wasn’t able to gather up his courage. This task was more difficult than running away from his house.


After fifteen minutes, George took a deep breath and entered the shop. It was filled with people. It seemed they all knew that girl. She had a big plate on her hand on which many chocolate cupcakes were kept. She was smiling, laughing and talking to everyone while she was giving cupcakes to them.

George was mesmerised, the whole shop was glowing with life.

She had her back towards him. She took a step behind and whoop!

She collided with George and all her chocolate cupcakes fell on the floor.

“Oh!…I am sorry..!!”

George got on his feet to lift the cupcakes. He could feel the back of his ears getting hot and also sensed that everyone in the shop was staring at him with immense dislike.

“Leave it!” She was mad at him. George felt like running away.

“No…ah…it was my mistake…lemme…”

“You already did a great help.”

George didn’t like this. She was talking very sweetly with the whole world except him.


She picked up all the cupcakes and went behind the counter. She dumped the cupcakes there. It was evident that her mood was spoiled.

The customers again got busy with their cakes and coffee.

George was feeling guilty. He went to the counter slowly. The girl kept herself busy with her work.

“Ah Miss…see I could pay for the mess…”

“How could I help you?” the girl asked in a plane voice, not to sound too rude she added “sir”.

“Venesa!” a fat lady in pink dress came near the counter.

“Ah! Miss Prinkley…Hello, how could I help you…” George was confused. He looked better than that short and fat Mrs Prinkley still Venesa was talking nicely and smiling to her.


“You know my dear!… I want a fruit pancake like always…” Mrs Prinkley said in a tone that George didn’t like. She was sounding too kiddish.

“Sure.” Venesa smiled and got the fruitcake.

“Have a nice day Ma’am.” Venesa said as the lady left.

“So?” Venesa turned to George. Her expressions were plain again.

‘couldn’t she smile at me once?’ George thought in his mind.

“I…I want a chocolate cupcake…” he asked nervously.

“I don’t have any chocolate cupcakes now…thanks to you.” It seemed Venesa was going to bake George in her oven.

“Oh…Ah…I am sorry…ah what about vanilla?”

Venesa quietly wrapped a vanilla cupcake and handed over to George.

“Dollar one” she said.

George kept the money on the table and hurried outside. He didn’t wanted to raise Venesa’s hatred towards him.


Who is Venesa? Have Venesa and George started it in good terms or there is a long way coming? Next chapter coming soon…



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