Till now  you have read that Venesa gets back home after a busy day to find that her father Jones is very much sick. Living a life full of struggles, can George become her ray of hope. Keep reading to find out…


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Venesa went to bed that night with a heavy heart. She used to wake up every day, filled with new energy and hopes, but till the end of the day, many problems would start haunting her.

Venesa’s mother had died when she was barely seven. Her mother’s death brought a great turmoil in her life. Her father had a bakery shop but due to his ill health he wasn’t able to manage it properly. Venesa had taken over the shop as soon as she turned sixteen. Since then she worked hard everyday to look after the household. Jones’s health was getting poor day by day, and his medicines were getting expensive.

Though they lived in their own small flat but little earning from the bakery wasn’t helping her much. Venesa was twenty two but never thought about anything else except her father and bakery.

Tensed and tired, Venesa slept.


‘’Didn’t had a good start huh…?’’

It was morning. George had told Fred everything.

“No Fred…but I am not thinking about that now…what I am wondering is that though she looked cheerful, happy…but there was something which was troubling her…some kind of pain…” George said thoughtfully.

“Well, maybe…you could try to be more friendly…” Fred suggested.

“Yeah…” George got up from his bed and went near the window. It had snowed the other night and the whole street was covered with a thick layer of snow. Apart from that the weather was very chilly. George could see Venesa’s bicycle parked and the open sign. As there was no one outside on road that day, it was evident that her shop was empty.


Venesa opened the door of her shop and looked outside, hoping that someone would enter but nothing came in except the cold wind. She returned to the counter, disappointed. How will she pay the bills and buy medicines for her father?

The door of the shop opened. Venesa looked up hopefully but didn’t get much exited. The same boy who had wasted her cupcakes the day before, had entered the shop. She got up and came near the table… ‘’How can I…’’

‘’Your shop is quite empty today.’’

George had decided not to get nervous in front of Venesa. Venesa felt bad. She thought he is taunting her.

‘’Yeah…it is. Anything else.’’

George grew careful or else she would be angry again.

“I was thinking that the bad weather may be the reason.’’ He said.

‘’Yeah. People wont come to a shop in this weather.’’ Venesa was getting impatient. This man was wasting her time.

‘’People can’t come to your shop in this weather…but your shop can go.’’ George said while smiling.

‘’What do you mean?’’

“See. You handle this shop alone right?… someone has to be here while the other one goes out for home deliveries.’’

‘’I don’t have anyone who could do that…’’

‘’I can help. Your cupcakes are very tasty, trust me, and I don’t think people wont like eating delicious cakes and muffins on chilly days. They find it difficult coming here…but I could deliver it to them.’’

‘’And why would you help?’’

‘’I…I am searching for a job. I found it better to start here.’’

‘’I’ll…I’ll think about it…see I couldn’t pay…’’ but Venesa left her words in between.

George had taken out hundred dollars from his purse and kept them on the table.

‘’Give me fifty cupcakes, half vanilla, half chocolate and some cans of hot chocolate too.’’ He said.

Venesa was shocked. But she did as she was told.

‘’I’ll come back and you’ll realise how beneficial my offer is…’’ Venesa’s wait didn’t took too long. George was back in half an hour. His box was empty and pockets full. He took out the money and kept them in front of surprised Venesa.

‘’So?…told you…we could be great business partners…’’ George said. Venesa was seriously very surprised.

‘’I…I don’t know…how to thank you…’’

‘’I’ll ask for only twenty dollars everyday…and a chocolate cupcake…free everyday. I like chocolates…’’ George said while smiling. Venesa laughed a short laugh…finally. George was relieved.


George is successful in making Venesa his friend. What would happen now? Would it be smooth or George’s dangerous past is hovering over their friendship? Are they both safe?? Find out in chapter 9 next Sunday.


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