Merry Christmas ???

with little flakes of snow falling from the sky,

comes the warmth of this day and touches you as it passes by.

the heavens send sparkly lights from above,

and these lights spread harmony and love.

little kids wait eagerly for their santa,

to get little packets of gifts wrapped in magenta.

cakes, drinks and muffins are just a reason,

it adds to the auspiciousness of the season.

we hug, we forgive, we celebrate together,

we promise to spread peace however the stormy weather.

wish you happiness and prosperity, by taking the name of holy Jesus,

i wish you and your family a beautiful , merry Christmas.

3 Replies to “Merry Christmas ???”

  1. A fun filled and merry poem which brings smile on face and soothes the heart. Merry Christmas to you to and to everyone.

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