New year welcomes you ?

the bud had a new reason to bloom,

the sun had a new sky to groom.

the tired wind had a new direction,

the moon had new heights of perfection.

the earth took a new turn,

with the hope to forget previous every burn.

well it’s just isn’t a change of date,

it gives you one more chance to write your fate.

an opportunity again to choose the path you wish,

to create your heaven and find bliss.

yes, you can feel the vibes are new,

the year ahead has many surprises for you.

thats why everything seems to be blessed,

the year is yours, no need to be stressed.

with eyes closed and head bowed a little low,

I pray to God, may the new year of yours be filled with glow.

accept the happiness and surender your fear,

this beautiful day itself wishes you a happy new year.

2 Replies to “New year welcomes you ?”

  1. Wow ! Very beautiful and glowing poem. I am very happy to read this poem in this beautiful morning of the new year. God bless you and give you all the success in this new year.

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