Something Chapter 4: Questions, Questions and Questions

Till now you have read that Zara hurries to Ira’s house as soon as she hears the news of her being missing. Will she be able to find any clue behind this strange abduction?


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Two days later,

The london Times
21st July, Thursday: The successful dismissal of the bomb in the Central Park, Edinburgh on Friday was only possible because of a seventeen year old girl, Ira Radcliffe. She spotted the bag containing the explosive first and informed the security before it could have caused a massacre. But young Ira who saved hundreds of lives, had to pay a heavy price for her presence of mind.
Just two days after this incident, Ira was kidnapped a few kilometers away from her house in Edinburgh on Sunday morning, when she had gone out for a morning walk.
According to sources, she was expecting to be interrogated by the Intelligence Department later that day. Sources also revealed that the hands behind kidnapping Ira were of no one but the bomb planters themselves.
The police forces and the Intelligence Department are trying to locate her and find the culprits as soon as possible.

Zara threw a copy of The London Times on the desk of Agatha Mathews, who was busy scribbling something on her notepad. She was a young lady, but looked rather creepy with the amount of makeup she wore.
She raised her eyes slowly and looked at Zara.
“What was this?” She asked bluntly.
“Exactly. What is this?” Zara asked sternly.
“Are you asking about the news? Well I don’t work in the press.” Agatha got back to her notepad.
“Agatha? Is this a kind of joke? Who leaked this piece of information? About Ira? About her kidnapping?”
“Zara, the whole world is talking about explosion.” Agatha kept her pen, crossed her arms and leaned back on her chair.
“Because the world knows about the explosion. For me, Ira’s kidnapping is a bigger issue than the explosion which never took place.” Zara retorted.
“Hundreds of lives would have gone Zara.” Agatha snapped.
“But still Ira was kidnapped. When the bomb planters could have planned another attack, they kidnapped Ira. Why so?” Zara said.
Agatha stared hardly at Zara for a moment and then got back to her scribbling.
“I don’t know what you are saying Zara.” She said without looking up.
“Strange.” Zara was baffled. “Any way, I need to meet Mr Shankar. Where’s he?” She demanded.
“Sanks is busy Zara. Come after an hour.”
“I’ll wait then.” Zara sat there cross armed.
Agatha looked at Zara again. She was visibly irritated, but Zara didn’t care. She had to meet Shankar, Shankar Mittal. Head of Intelligent Department. He was the one who had appointed Zara as the investigation officer regarding Ira’s case.
Zara was an able and the most suitable officer for this twisted case but still there were things she wanted to discuss with Shankar.
She went inside his office after an hour. Shankar was a middle aged man, having few greys on his head and moustache. He was tall and sturdy and his eyes reflected his confidence and attentiveness behind his glass spectacles.
“Good morning Sir.” Zara greeted him when she entered.
“Morning Zara, have a seat.”
Zara sat down and showed him the newspaper.
“Sir, I don’t understand… from where all this news is spreading out?”
Shankar gave it a quick look. “Zara…I don’t think we have any control over the media. The news can go out.”
“It’s not about the news, it’s about the privacy. How come the moves of the Intelligence Department leaked? That we were going to interrogate her and all?…and how come Ira’s identity got revealed?”
“I understand your concern Zara…but I think that’s not important. Our priority should be to find the culprits as soon as possible. They may plan their next attack soon.”
Zara fell silent. She was staring at the newspaper between her and shankar.
“How can the media be so sure that Ira’s kidnappers were the ones who planted the bomb?” Zara asked. Her eyes on Shankar now.
“Who could it be then? Isn’t it obvious?”
“To an extent…yes it is. But think about it…we don’t have any clue about the kidnappers…we don’t know from where did they come, where did they go, why did they kidnap Ira and how. In fact, Ira is missing…we don’t have any proof about her kidnapping. How is the media so sure?”
“What do you want to say?” Shankar creased his brow and asked.
“Whosoever has leaked this information about Ira Radcliffe, is one of her abductors and I’ll find him or her soon.”

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  1. Suspicion compass of this story is just rolling and increasing heartbeats. Mind blowing story and sends shivers and thrills to the bones.

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