Something – Chapter 5 : Ira is found?

Till now you have read that Zara is quite tensed about the mysterious abduction of Ira. She’s trying hard to find a clue. Will she be able to get it? Or its too late?


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Zara was sipping coffee in the balcony of her house. She was looking at the sun, which was slowly disappearing below the horizon. She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t realise when Siddharth came and stood beside her.

“Zara..” Siddharth said softly.
“Oh…hi Sid” Zara smiled back.
Siddharth took her empty cup and placed it away.

“You have solved so many cases before…but I haven’t seen you so tensed.” He asked in a concerned tone.

“This isn’t the same Sid…this is complicated and dangerous too. I don’t know whom to trust and whom not to… who kidnapped her? Why? Where is she? Who planted the bomb? There are so many questions…and I…I only have theories as to what could have happened…but no solid point…”

They both fell silent…as if the silence would provide them with a clue…an answer they were searching for.

Zara’s phone started ringing.
“It’s from the department…” Saying this, she answered the call.
“Zara speaking… WHAT? Where? Am coming.”

“What happened Zara?” Siddharth asked.
“Sid… they have found Ira… they were trying to get to the airport but were tracked…the department and the police is chasing their car…”
Zara said while rushing downstairs.
“Wait Zara, let’s go in our car…”
Siddharth grabbed his car keys.
“We don’t have time Zara… common.”
Zara couldn’t resist more. She hurried towards the car with Siddharth.
Zara called the officials again and kept the phone on speaker.
” Zara?”
“Where are they, Peter?” Zara asked.
“I am sending their location…they are moving but you could track them.”
“Yes Peter, hurry up.” Zara responded.

Peter shared the location within seconds. Zara showed it to Siddharth.

“They are going away from the airport…towards north. I know a short cut… we’ll be ahead of them…the police is already behind them… they won’t escape…” Siddharth said while driving.

“Yes…I hope Ira is safe…” Zara was getting anxious.
“Don’t worry…” Siddharth assured.

Zara was getting restless. She wanted Ira to be safe more than anything else. Siddharth was driving fast. His one eye was on the road and the other eye was on the dot on Zara’s screen which was continuously moving towards the north.

In no time, they were on the road on which the car of the abductors was heading. Siddharth stopped his car.

“In a minute Zara, they’ll be coming from the front.”
Zara grabbed her gun and held it tightly. Both her’s and Siddharth’s eyes were on the road ahead.

All this happened in a moment.

A black car appeared on the road, advancing towards them in a great speed. Zara was ready. The police cars were following behind it. Suddenly the people in the black car started firing back. The police officials started firing too.

“What are they doing?? Ira’s still inside”
Zara was shocked.

The firing increased. The black car lost its control. It seemed the driver was shot. The car toppled upside down several times and finally came to a halt after hitting a massive pole.

The car was completely crushed… giving no sign of life in it.

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  1. My heartbeats are racing like anything. I am a regular follower of this site and this is just amazing. The suspense you create is far from imagination. You are just amazing.

  2. Salute to your idea for writing such a nice story..full of action, suspense, drama and emotion. It’s a full entertainer and it surely makes the sunday of every reader. God bless you..keep it up?

  3. Wow Tanya!! What can i say…you and your writing is so unpredictable. What a fabulous imagination you have got. God bless you girl. Keep going?

  4. Another fabulous chapter with lots and lots of thrill. I can’t wait for next Sunday. I’ll spend rest of my weekend pondering about what will happen next.

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