Till now you have read that the car carrying a group of terrorists and Ira faces a crash and all the people inside it die. is this the end of the danger and poor Ira ? why does Zara thinks that the worst is yet to come?


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“OH MY GOD!!”  Zara screamed. She and Siddharth jumped out of their car.

The car of the terrorists had caught fire due to the terrible crash. In no time, ambulance, fire fighters and more constables of police and Intelligence Department arrived on the scene.

The fire was extinguished. The dead bodies were taken out. There were four men inside the car, their faces were unrecognizable now due to the scars and burns.

Zara’s heart sank when Ira was taken out. Her face was completely disfigured and had some deep cuts on her body. All the dead were carried to the hospital. Shankar Mittal had also arrived at the scene. He was clearly baffled with all that had happened.

Zara came near him, “Sir, we have lost Ira…”

“I know Zara…that’s not news right now. They killed themselves along with her as well.”

Ira was dead. Her post mortem reports revealed that she had not eaten for two days but there were no signs of violence on her body, except the ones due to the accident. Her body was carried to her mother.

As Ira’s body lay on the stretcher in front of her, Morgan was weeping quietly. Her eyes were on her poor daughter’s face and tears were rolling down continuously. Zara was standing beside her as Morgan suffered in silence. She placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“My daughter is beautiful…she’s calm…and divine…isn’t she…” Morgan asked between her sobs. It was a painful moment for everyone standing in that room.

“Yeah…and she is brave too” Zara whispered to Morgan.

“You know…the day before they snatched my princess from me…Ira held my hands…”  Morgan brought her hands in front of Zara’s face “these hands…and told me…don’t worry mom I won’t die…I won’t die for sure.”

That was it. Morgan couldn’t control her pain anymore. She burst into tears. Her relatives came forward and started consoling her.


Zara was pondering on what Morgan just told her, “I won’t die for sure…”she repeated under her breath.


Zara knocked on the cabin door of Shankar. “Come in.” came the reply.

Zara went inside and took a seat.

“Zara…none of us had thought this would end in such a dreadful manner. We should really appreciate little Ira. She was angelic. She gave her life…saving millions.”

“But we are left clueless Sir. The answers have gone with her.”

“Why so?”

“We’ll never come to know the people who abducted her, why, and from where they came. They must not be only four…but many more than that. And if their motive was to harm Ira…why didn’t they kill her before…where were they taking her?”

“Oh Zara…please don’t complicate this. I admire your intelligence but think of this…we are under so much pressure now. The government wants us to assure the citizens again…that they are safe and that the danger has been chased to death. I know Ira was precious…but she died a heroic death…people will remember her always.”

“But that’s not true. We don’t really know the danger…how can we say its over?”

“Why don’t you understand Zara…there’s nothing much we could do or find out. Still, our team is working day and night to find any other possible clue.”

“Can I have a look in Ira’s house? “

“That will create suspicion Zara…people will think that the danger is still there.”

“That will be better Sir. Danger is still there…and we can’t afford people to be careless.”



  1. A fabulous chapter again. You connect the reader to the story so much that it feels very realistic. Waiting eagerly for the next upload.

  2. Very painful death. I am just thunderstruck with this sudden turn of events. I cannot stop pondering on what would happen next.

  3. Very interesting and seems very intelligence mind to write such a beautiful interesting story, I am curious to know what will happen next.

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