Something – Chapter 9 : something is really wrong

Till now you have read that Zara comes up to a shocking connection between Ira’s cell phone and the flight which her dad was flying before his death. Is there really a connection or a mere co-incidence?

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Zara was standing in front of the City Library. It was the same place from where the trigonometry book of Ira was issued.

Zara was herself not sure what had brought her here. But her instincts were running faster than her concerns. Her mind was working in a different direction. One part of it wanted to report the department about her findings, the other part was just making her move, take actions and ignore all other things. Moreover, till now, the case had proved that no one could be trusted, no one.

Zara went inside. It was not a very big library. But still the environment was peaceful and dignified. It was ten in the morning and library was already hosting many readers. There were shelves with books all around the hall and tables arranged in between. At the centre of the hall was the reception desk. A pretty young lady was sitting there, reading a book. Zara walked up to the desk.

“Hello, I am Zara Waseem Solanki, Intelligence Department.” Zara addressed the librarian politely while showing her ID.
“Oh Hello ma’am, how can I help you ?”
The lady asked softly while standing.

Zara kept the trigonometry book on the desk.
“You know about Ira? Ira Radcliffe?”
“Oh! The brave girl, Savior of her citizens, she died the death of a hero. Everyone knows her ma’am, she was incredible. God bless her soul…” The librarian’s eyes had softened.
Zara smiled timidly.
She tapped at the trigonometry book.
“She came here often. This book has been issued from your library. You must have seen her?”
“Oh! Did she? I am sorry, but the previous librarian must have seen her…I am new, I just joined 5 days ago.” She gave Zara a concerned look.
“I see..” after a second’s pause Zara added, “I want to keep this book, I know it’s from your library but the department needs this, from the investigation point of view.”
“No problem ma’am, I’ll just make the slip…”
Zara paid the amount of the book.
“Just one more favour?” Zara asked
“Sure ma’am.”
“Can you give me the contact details of the previous librarian?”
The lady agreed and fetched the necessary details. Zara thanked her and came back to her car.

She took out the cell phone. Ira’s cell phone. Siddharth, a software engineer had decoded and unlocked the phone. It was only meant to make calls it seemed. Earlier, Zara had pressed the number 3 four times, as written on the note, but nothing happened. The sim, was a pre paid one. Siddharth got to know about the number and was trying to get more details about it.

While sitting in her car, she dialed the librarian’s number. Her hands, for the first time in her life, were trembling. She was afraid that all this will land her in a situation where she didn’t wanted to, that she will come up to a conclusion where she didn’t wanted to come.
The phone started ringing. Zara gasped. She held the tiny cell phone close to her ears. The ringing on the other side sent shivers to her.
The phone was picked up on sixth ring. Zara placed her hand on her mouth, afraid to make a noise. She continued to listen carefully.

“nem siadi? hasalt ealaa hatifiha.”

A man, a man with a hoarse voice replied from the other side.
Zara disconnected the call immediately.
She was breathing heavily, her eyes wide open, her mind racing a mile per minute.

Iraqi. Yes the man spoke Iraqi. Zara knows the language, and she knows what the man said, ‘hello sir? You got her phone.”

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  1. Truly fabulous and literally mindblowing. It is one of the chapters that gets your heartbeat racing. Great work of literature and fiction.

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