Something – Chapter 10 : The flight to Berlin

Till now you have read that Zara dials a number from Ira’s phone, assuming it to be the librarian’s. However, she is shocked to hear a Iraqi man on the other side, who seems recognize Ira’s number. Was Ira having a dangerous secret?

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Zara switched off the phone and threw it in her bag. She had somehow steadied her nerves but her mind was throbbing against her head.
“Iraqi…was the librarian an Iraqi…or man on the other side wasn’t the librarian at all…maybe…maybe Ira’s abductors came to know about this secret phone of Ira…and they wanted to extract it…but why???”
Zara was mumbling to herself as she fumbled for her own phone. She dialed the number of one of her juniors of the department.
“Marge?…Is Mrs Morgan there? Can I talk to her?”

“Am sorry Ma’am, Mrs Morgan was escorted to the airport by our officials. She has her flight leaving for Berlin in half  n’ hour.”

“Oh God! It slipped from my head…she was about to leave today…”

“Can I do anything Ma’am?” Marge asked in a concerned voice.

“Yes…” Zara had started her car and was now speeding towards the airport. The airport was not much far, but it would take Zara not less than thirty minutes to reach there, “Yes Marge, please connect me to one of the officials who are with Mrs Morgan.”

“Sure Ma’am…”

Zara was highly tensed. It was so difficult to concentrate on driving right now. Her eyes seem to be lost and her mind was somewhere else too.
‘If an Iraqi knew about Ira and if they are still searching for this cell phone or anything else belonging to her, Mrs Morgan is in danger… she should know this… about the phone, about the man…about everything…’ Zara hoped Siddharth was with her right now. She needed a support, atleast he could have been driving while she panicked…it was difficult as well as dangerous to drive in this state of mind.

“Ma’am?” It was Marge on the phone, “I think the networks are down at the airport, I am not able to connect to any of the officials.”

“Oh God…keep trying, and inform me as soon as you are able to reach them…”

Zara was speeding. She was badly hoping for a flight delay or something…Mrs Morgan wasn’t safe out there and moreover, the case had just became more complicated.

Finally, Zara had reached the airport. She ran towards the entry gates. Marge had informed her about the terminal from which Morgan was about to board her flight. She showed her badge to the security and she was easily allowed inside. While running towards the terminal, she gave a look at the digital screen overhead which informed her that the flight to Berlin was about to take off in a minute. “HOLY CRAP!!” Zara mumbled.

On reaching the terminal, Zara ran to a help desk. She showed her badge, “Please, I want the flight to Berlin to delay it’s take off, we have a passenger on board and we want her immediately…it’s urgent…Mrs Morgan Radcliffe it is…” Zara said hurriedly.

“Am sorry Ma’am, the plane is already running on the runway…” The receptionist gave an apologetic look to Zara while gesturing towards the big glass windows.

Zara went near a window. The plane was indeed running on the runway… “Oh man…” She was disappointed.

The plane took off…it was rising from the ground…a few meters above the ground now…and…BOOM!!!

A loud roar, a loud bang. The whole airport came in chaos. The plane…the flight to Berlin…had just exploded in the air and was coming crashing on the ground, like a big ball of fire.

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  1. This a really great chapter and my fingers are still shaking after reading this piece of literature. The mystery is getting deeper and darker continuously.

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