Something – Chapter 11 : The Trigonometry Book

Till now you have read that the flight in which Ira’s mother was traveling, crashed due to an explosion soon after its take off. Who were the people behind it and how did they do it ? What will happen next?

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“Zara ? Don’t you think you should have informed the department about the cell phone ?”
Siddharth asked Zara. Zara was sitting on her bed. Her eyes were swollen, suggesting sleepless nights and her face had gone pale. Three days after the flight crash, it seemed Zara was still not out of the shocker.

Soon after the explosion, Zara had called Siddharth with trembling hands. He reached her in no time. Zara had gone to the site where the plane had fell, not very far away from the airport. Fortunately, it had fallen on a vast barren land and further destruction or deaths had not been caused. Yet…the plane was completely destroyed and not a single life was left inside it. This meant…Morgan was dead too. The list of passengers who had boarded the flight and now were there no more confirmed the tragedy.

Zara was dumbstruck. Completely shocked. She was clueless…who to blame. Herself? For not informing the department? But how could it have been helpful? Except Morgan, her family in Berlin and the department, not a single soul knew that she was leaving England. Above all, only few officials knew the flight details that she was about to board. She was taken inside amidst high security. Still…still she died. Would informing the department would have really helped?

The whole nation was in deep sorrow and distress. Even the safest places were seen as dangerous. People were scared, angered and depressed. The tragedy had shook not only England but the whole world. Many had lost their relatives, their loved ones…and almost every person in England had lost their peace of mind. In not less than a month, a bomb was firstly diffused in the Central Park, then the girl who saved hundreds of lives, Ira, lost her life too and now the plane crash. Zara knew that soon people will know that Ira’s mother was there in the flight too.

“I don’t know Siddharth…I don’t know what’s right or wrong at this point of time…I just know that we all are in danger… nothing’s safe…and no one can be trusted…”
Siddharth hugged Zara, “I understand Zara… don’t be disappointed…calm down…we will be able to do something…”
Zara smiled feebly.

Siddharth went down to make dinner. Zara laid back on her bed. ‘Siddharth is right…’ she thought ‘maybe I should calm down a bit so that I can think properly…’

She shifted her head and noticed the trigonometry book on her side table. She rose and took the book in her hands and started turning the pages.

Ira was reading the book in a strange manner. She had highlighted some letters, words or number and had then crossed them using an ink pen.
‘why would have she done that…’ Zara mumbled.
On closely noticing and reading the texts Ira had highlighted, Zara observed that she had highlighted some really insignificant figures. She had highlighted certain page numbers and then crossed it. She had highlighted letters of a word…and not the whole word.

Zara was growing suspicious. Ira, an intelligent girl, would not do such a thing. She could have done it once or twice, absent mindedly, but not on the entire book. Zara kept turning the pages, noticing the highlighted words which were of no significance from academic point of view. Every highlighted word was crossed. As the cross lines had no smudges, Zara knew that these cross marks were made later on the highlighted words and not immediately, else the ink would have smudged.

Soon Zara reached the middle of the book, where there were some integration formulas written. Zara was surprised to see that the words highlighted on this page were not crossed. She quickly took out a paper and a pen and started scribbling the highlighted letters.

‘c’ of ‘cos’, ‘e’ of ‘integration’, ‘n’ of ‘next’, ‘t’ of ‘tan’…’4’ of page number ‘240’, ‘p’ of ‘applications’…

Zara wrote every letter. At first, it made no sense to her. Then something struck her and she rearranged the letters. She gasped at the result…it read,

Central park 4 pm

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  1. I have no words. The suspense and confusion is turning my stomach upside down and my mind is just going round. As a story this is just great. Please post often.

  2. Very good written with full of suspense, intelligence and finding the clue of all the mysterious things happening. I am speechless…

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