Every day a new year ♥️

the ticking of the clock,

as the hour hand reaches midnight.

a new beginning takes birth somewhere,

under the same sky and amidst same site.

The beginning is in our hearts,

the joy that new years day has arrived.

So when the same clock tells you its twelve

No more tired, your energy you reignite.

Born are new hopes of betterment

Those hopes are created by none but you

It’s the power of the belief that we have,

The first day of January is special & new.

Indeed the hopes fill you with energy,

The energy of skipping walls & reaching eternity

You start seeing good even in the odd

The light of your soul helps you vision broad.

Just as the New Year’s sun seems brighter

Let’s celebrate everyday as new & fresh.

Let’s work everyday and push ourselves higher

Along with it carry love and joy and no stress

All the time let’s stay positive,

Let’s welcome every day of the year.

Let’s work every day and make it worth,

Let’s be hopeful and slowly release fear.

2 Replies to “Every day a new year ♥️”

  1. Really inspiring poem. It’s true that we should feel the same and energy everyday when the clock tells you it’s a new day.

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