The fragrance of my country ???

The fragrance of my country,
Lies in its soil that’s free.
My nation has a unique beauty,
Seen every time in its diverse unity.
From ten year olds to men with golden age,
All of us have the strength to fight for a better change.
No war, no pandemic can kill our motive,
From these productive times, we will emerge productive.
We will embrace the challenges for sure,
Because there is no threat for which there’s no cure.
Our vast culture and faith in humanity,
This keeps us positive and maintains our sanity.
When rulers of centuries can be defeated by us,
Then all challenges would be tackled without fuss.
We need to believe on the optimistic future,
We need to build it from scratch and nurture.
Its never too late to celebrate and respect our tertiary,
And to add in the fragrance of our country.

5 Replies to “The fragrance of my country ???”

  1. Wow. Your poem motivates to come together and celebrate the nation as well as to beleive that we will win against all odds.

  2. A very beautiful and inspiring poem. You have expressed the diverse culture aswel as the importance of humanitarian nature in one single prose. Gives me a very patriotic feeling.

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